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Here Is How To Promote Your Content On Pinterest (when you don’t have a lot to begin with)

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link to Tailwind to promote your content on Pinterest. If you decide to get this app using my referral link, I’ll receive a commish at no cost to you. Promote your content on Pinterest. If there was ever a sure-fire way to get your audience (and beyond) to your […]

Ever since the pandemic struck life has been sort of been put on hold. Restaurants have limited capacity. So do sporting and concert venues. There are no more social gatherings with family and friends. Businesses can’t drive customers to their store/shop with sales promotions. And for authors, that means book events are put on hold. […]

3 Things Authors Should Do On The Regular To Boost Their Online Presence

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. If you make a purchase using these links, I’ll receive a small commish at no cost to you. As we make our Thanksgiving plans, most of us are also planning a Black Friday shopping spree to burn off the calories from all […]

Score Huge Deals On These Blogging Tools Starting This Black Friday


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7 Ways To Improve Your Online Presence

Have you started writing out your social media marketing plan for the new year? Every year, the ultimate goal is to attract more customers and draw attention to your business. And having a strong online presence and personality can help you hit that goal. Social media platforms and websites continue to be used by consumers […]

Writing a book is one of the hardest things you can do. It takes immense dedication, research, and planning. Many people attempt the task but give up when they realize how difficult it is. Those who manage to finish a book should be applauded for their commitment and hard work. But it is especially difficult […]

How To Balance Writing With A Full-Time Job

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A Facebook group can give bloggers, solopreneurs and the likes a boost where it’s most needed. For example, it can boost engagement on social media and drive traffic to a website. And it can be a great boost for indie authors as well. When you are new to the author scene it would be nice […]

A Facebook Group For Indie Authors To Find Support And Engagement

For Authors

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How to Choose Promotional Products That Have Value

Promotional products are an excellent way to market your business in a number of different contexts. They can be given out at trade shows or included in welcome packs at events, among other things. A promotional item provides long-term exposure for your brand, as it sits around a person’s home or office, or perhaps they […]

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to tools an Author’s Assistant can help you keep a full content calendar. If you purchase the tool through my link, I’ll receive a small commish at no cost to you. An assistant is valuable to an Author. They depend on a VA to make sure your brand is […]

3 Ways An Assistant Can Help You With Your Content Calendar

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Break out the champagne, just kidding, I’d rather have a beer! I am beyond excited – like happy dance excited! This blogging course was a long time coming. I would start it, then put it off. Toss out one idea for another and start over again. That’s the Virgo in me. 🙂 But thanks to […]

New Blogging Course: How To Create Quality Content


For Virtual Assistants

How To Take Your Virtual Assistant Business From Zero To Hero

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link to the International Virtual Assistants Association. If you join the IVAA through this link to get the tools and resources you need for your virtual assistant business, I’ll receive a small commish at no cost to you. When you become a Virtual Assistant, there are a lot of […]