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Essential For Authors: 8 Homepage Elements To Include On Your Website

Did you know most people stay on a website for about 15 seconds? According to Crazy Egg, that’s how long you have to capture a visitor’s attention when they land on your website.

That’s not much time, is it?

But that’s the time you have to work with so when putting your website together, you should keep that stat in mind. Especially when it comes to what content you’re going to put on your site’s homepage.

The homepage should be inviting, with information your visitors are looking for – without all the extra fluff that might turn off a reader. Even worse, a potential customer!

8 Things That Should Go On An Author’s Website’s Homepage

The main goal of your website’s homepage is to draw people’s attention and make an instant connection. In 15 seconds or less. For an author’s website, you also want to draw people’s attention to your book.

But you want to keep it simple.

Here are eight things you should have on your author website’s homepage without giving too much away.

Welcome Message

Some authors feel a welcome message isn’t necessary. But in my opinion, I think a welcome message can instantly connect you to your visitors.

And you don’t have to go into great detail, just a little about yourself to let visitors know who you are and what you’re about.

About The Book Section

Make sure there is a cover of your book displayed on your homepage where visitors can see it as soon as they land on your site. Include a link to your site’s shop page or wherever your book is being sold.

It can be a gallery if you have more than book. If it’s your first book, include a summary next to the book cover.

Subscription Box For Your Mailing List

Have you heard the saying “the money is in the list”? Well, the reason why you here that is because the people on your list are more likely to buy your product. And in this case, your book(s).

But people aren’t going to sign up just because the box is there. What will make them sign up is the copy your put together. So be sure to put your own voice to it and be upfront about what they’ll get.

One way to encourage folks to join your mailing list is to offer a freebie. Most authors will offer a free chapter of their book but Mixtus Media shared 25 newsletter incentives ideas for fiction authors. There are some great suggestions in that post!

Social Media Follow Buttons/Links

Be sure to include links to your social media platforms. For WordPress users, you can use plugins like Lightweight Social Icons where you can customize the social media buttons to match the color of your brand.

what to put on the homepage of a website for authors.

The Homepage Should Also Have A Section For Book Reviews

Qualtrics released 20 online review stats and the ones that stuck out to me were that 97% of people read reviews. Also, 90% of respondents claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decisions.

With stats like that, it would be wise to showcase your reviews – good or bad. The 20 online review stats also state that 86% said buying decisions were influenced by negative online reviews.

Events Section

The homepage should have an events section to keep your readers in the know of any upcoming book launches or book tours.

Blog Posts

You might be asking yourself if you should have a blog on your site in the first place. Let me tell you why it’s a good idea.

You can share stories with your audience such as your writing process, and inspirations.

Not only that but you can blog about upcoming promotions, share excerpts of your book and other announcements.

Displaying your latest blog post on your homepage will let visitors know what’s on your mind and stay informed with the latest news about your brand.


Last but not least, share your affiliations like where you’re book is featured, if you’ve written articles for other websites, and your publisher logo.

Wrapping Up The 8 Things To Put On Your Site’s Homepage

There are no rules to what goes on your author’s website’s homepage. It all boils down to your style and what you want to feature on it. But I hope this post gave you an idea or two!

If you need help setting up your website, feel free to contact me, I’d be happy to set up your website for you!

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  1. Hi Cori, this is great! I know a few authors and passed this on to one who will be starting out. I’m thinking they may need it before the book is published as many say you have to market it months prior. Thanks for the information!

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