Are you tired of the social media hustle, desperately trying to come up with engaging posts day after day? Trust us, we get it. Crafting social media content can be a real time sink, and hey, time is precious! Imagine this: an entire year’s worth of social media posts magically at your fingertips, ready to jazz up your author brand and connect with your readers. Say hello to Content365—the ultimate life-saver for authors like you, looking to rock the social media game without breaking a sweat!

Here’s What’s Included:

  • Conversation starters to drive engagement
  • Content to connect with your audience
  • Inspirational content
  • Promotional content
  • Content that educates and provides value
  • Over 1,000 pre-written captions
  • An Emoji sheet to add some ‘pop’ to your posts
  • Over 250 templates you can use as is or edit in Canva to match your brand.

Customer Review

“Five stars for Content365! I’m working hard on consistency in using social media, but I also want to streamline the process. This resource helps me do both! I look forward to continuing to use it and watch my social media grow.”

Jen Dodrill, Author of Cozy Mystery

Why Content365 is Your Best Bet?

Say farewell to social media stress and hello to productivity! Let Content365 be your trusty sidekick in the realm of social media. Join other authors who’ve saved time and made waves with our pre-made prompts and captions.

Crafted With Authors In Mind

We know you, the creators of worlds and characters, deserve something special. Our prompts and captions are designed to showcase your unique voice and style, letting your personality shine through every post.

A Year’s Worth Of Social Media Posts

Yes, you heard that right! A treasure trove of pre-made prompts and captions tailored for authors, carefully curated to resonate with your audience and keep them hooked throughout the year.

Save Time, Write More

Imagine all the extra writing you could do when you’re not stuck in the social media content creation loop. With Content365, we’ve got your back, leaving you with more time to pen down those captivating tales.