7 Ways To Improve Your Online Presence

Have you started writing out your social media marketing plan for the new year?

Every year, the ultimate goal is to attract more customers and draw attention to your business. And having a strong online presence and personality can help you hit that goal.

Social media platforms and websites continue to be used by consumers everywhere. And as a brand and business, it’s an opportunity for you to get noticed. That’s why it’s important the right plan is in place to put you out there in front of your audience.

How To Improve Your Online Presence

There isn’t a blanket approach that will work for every business. So you have to be flexible and open to new ideas and tactics.

And the seven tips I’m about to share with you might help perfect your social media marketing strategy and boost your online presence.

#1 Hire Dedicated Staff

Managing your social media accounts and pages is a big time-consuming job. And if you have more than one social account, going at it solo may not be a good idea.

You have to reply to comments and questions and create posts. And if you don’t put the effort in these, you risk losing followers and business leads.

To boost your online presence and ensure your social media marketing strategy is being executed, hire a dedicated staff. A team can help boost your online presence because they will each have a role that plays a part in making it happen.

#2 Create A Social Media Marketing Plan

In addition to hiring dedicated staff, sit down with your team to discuss and create a social media marketing plan.

Write down your goals and what results and outcomes you hope to achieve. Assign your team members responsibilities tied to your plan. For example, you might put someone in charge of your Instagram account. This is also an excellent way to get everyone on the same page and working in unison.

Your social media marketing strategy should also include a calendar of what will be posted, when and who’s in charge of publicizing it.

Let this roadmap guide your decisions and what you choose to share, and what platforms you decide to use.

#3 Collaborate With The Experts To Boost Your Online Presence

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You can also improve your online presence and marketing strategy by collaborating with experts. It’s what they do. They know what it takes to grow your brand and drive traffic to your website.

Companies such as Robben Media specialize in ecommerce and social media marketing. They are there to ensure people find your business and boost sales.

If you want to maximize your revenue, you need strategic digital advertising campaigns tailored to your store and business. They’ll listen to you and work with you to come up with a plan that you both agree to and is sure to have a positive impact on your business, profits and yes, your online presence.

#4 Be Consistent

You must also be consistent when interacting and posting on social media. Once you have an audience who are interested in what you’re doing online, it’s your job to keep their attention.

You want to be consistent so that your followers can depend on you to continue to share relevant content. And it’s because you’re consistent that your followers will want to check out your social media pages and website for your latest post.

You shouldn’t pick and choose days when you interact with them or disappear for days at a time. People will quickly lose interest in your business and go somewhere else.

#5 Use Your Online Presence As A Customer Service Outlet

Being online is another opportunity to provide an additional customer service outlet. You want to give your customers plenty of options for getting in touch with you.

Businesses are now using chatbots on their social media pages, website, and ecommerce store to keep in touch with customers.

They are also using social media direct messages to help customers with answers when they need them.

#6 Engage & Respond Regularly

You want to be available to your customers online if you want to succeed. Engage on social media platforms regularly and respond to questions and inquiries in a timely fashion.

Be responsive and be prepared to offer solutions that will satisfy your customers. Review comments on your social media and on blog posts and respond with a pleasant brand voice and tone.

Put policies and procedures in place for responding to customer comments and inquiries online to keep your replies consistent and fair.

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#7 Include & Share High-Quality Images

If you want to improve your online presence use high-quality images to create posts to share with your audience. While they want to read the content and learn new information, they also want to be wowed by the photos you share.

High-quality images are especially helpful if you sell products. Graphics using quality images can make your product visually appealing and eye-catching.

Pinterest is an excellent platform to share high-quality images with your followers, so they feel motivated to pin and share them with their audience.


These are a few practical ways you can improve your online presence.

It all starts by having a dedicated team, a social media marketing strategy in place, using eye-catching graphics and using your online presence to reach your customers.

There are many platforms to choose from and ways to go about interacting with your followers. But only certain strategies will bring you the results you want. That’s why you have to keep tabs on what’s working and identify areas for improvement and make adjustments as you go.

Remember what makes your business and products unique, and then find creative ways to take this information to your market and target audience.

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  1. Hi Cori, I think consistency is the biggest thing that most people overlook. I know my clients can be lax with that! I have to remind and remind them about it. Another thing I find is some collaborate with many people and keep on changing direction instead of focusing on the goal. Focus and stay consistent and the rest will help you improve that online presence.

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