Virtual Services Disclosures

Updated: July 23, 2020

Contract For Service:

Contracts are based on a month-to-month agreement unless other arrangements are made with the client.

Assignment of Work:

Client agrees to provide details of the type of services needed.


Client may terminate this Agreement for any reason upon three (3) day’s written notice delivered to Cori at  

In no way shall Cori be liable for client’s consequential damages or loss of anticipated profits as a result of such termination.

Additional Fees:

Domain registration, hosting fees, domain privacy and/or any recurring fees would be paid by the client.

The Client acknowledges and agrees that any and all domain registration fees and hosting service charges are additional fees and it is their sole responsibility to register for these services and pay the required fees.


12, 24 and 32-hour packages are billed at $40/hour. For customized packages less than 12 hours per month, invoices will be billed at $50/hour.

For a la cart services such as a new website set-up or email marketing campaign, the hourly rate will be billed at $40/hr.

Invoices are billed for previous month’s work (August invoice for July’s work).

Client agrees to send payments via Paypal or Zelle app using email address

The Client acknowledges and agrees that Cori reserves the right to withhold the publication or delivery of the Client’s website, until the outstanding balance has been paid in full.

The Client acknowledges and agrees that late interest at the rate of two percent (2%) per month shall be charged on any outstanding balances not paid within fifteen (15) days of the completion of the Website Design Project.

Where the Client fails to pay any outstanding balances, the Cori reserves the right to send the debt to a collection agency, and the Client agrees to pay all fees, including, without limitation to, attorney fees and court costs, incurred thereof.

For questions about these disclosures, please contact Cori Ramos at or by phone at 832-630-4347.

You can also mail me at: 501 Winburn Tide Ln., LaPorte, TX 77571.