How You Can Use A Virtual Phone Number To Grow Your Business

When you started your small business, you had big plans for it. You still do. But the reality of running a business is often very different from the dream and expectation of it. Luckily, there is a fairly extensive toolbox that you can access to find ways to grow and develop your business. One of the most useful tools you’ll find is a virtual phone number. They can offer great features that help you take even a microbusiness to the top of the efficiency ladder. 

They Help You Develop a Professional Appearance

A virtual phone system gives your business instant credibility. Think about it for a minute. No one knows you are using a virtual number on your personal cell phone. But that number lets you answer calls in a professional manner while providing you with a separate number that is unique to your business identity. 

A virtual number acts like a landline, which lends an air of credibility to a smaller business. So, whether you have a physical office or your workspace involves the living room couch, your customers will never be the wiser. 

You Gain Access to Executive Level Features

Some of that professional appearance is thanks to the great features that virtual systems offer. You aren’t simply adding a second phone number to your line, you are opening the door to serious, executive-level features. In addition to standards like call forwarding and voicemail, Think of the possibility in calls that simultaneously ring to multiple team members, automatic replies that use artificial intelligence to adapt to your industry and customer base, and live receptionists that can take and forward messages to you when you are not able to take calls. 

Grow Your Local Presence With Custom Numbers

If you have a target market that doesn’t quite match up with your geographic location, a virtual phone number can help. Because they aren’t tied to a physical location, you can choose the area code and exchange for your new number. That means you can get a business phone number for the area you really want to work in, even if it doesn’t represent where you are currently operating. 

You Can Take the Office With You (if You Want to)

Of course, small business owners know that they are almost always on the clock. Use a virtual line to take the office with you wherever you go. That is, if you really want to. If not, have calls sent to another team member or the receptionist and deal with it later. 

There are plenty of opportunities to grow your business. A virtual phone number can help you define your image and open the door to new markets in a cost-effective manner. 

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Wrapping It Up

If you’ve been thinking about getting a virtual phone number for your business, I hope this post helped you make your decision!

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