Sylviane Nuccio

I have known Cori Ramos for a few years now, via the online world, so when a friend of mine asked me if I knew of a web designer about a year or so ago, I thought of Cori right away. My friend really loved the work that Cori did for her as well as her personality and how easy it was to work with her. More recently, I had yet another friend asking me if I knew of a web designer, and of course, I sent her to Cori as well. There again my friend was thrilled with both the work and the kindness she received from Cori.
So, when I myself needed a brand new website for my business I already knew who I was going to hire. When I explained to Cori what I was into and what type of site I needed she understood what I needed right away and I trusted her 100%. The result is perfect with the exact look and feels that I was looking for. As I am writing this, many of the people who have seen my new site said that it is so elegant and clean looking. As you can see, I have not only used Cori services but recommended her as well, so it goes without saying that I would recommend her work to anyone.