New Blogging Course: How To Create Quality Content

Break out the champagne, just kidding, I’d rather have a beer!

I am beyond excited – like happy dance excited! This blogging course was a long time coming. I would start it, then put it off. Toss out one idea for another and start over again. That’s the Virgo in me. 🙂

But thanks to my partner in crime Dana of I Am My Imagination, she pushed me to get off my ass and finish what I started.

After 2 tropical storms and two weeks of downtime with my websites (thank you GreenGeeks for getting me up and running!), I finally finished my very first online blogging course!

Why This Blogging Course?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with new bloggers helping them with their website set-up. One of the follow-up questions I get asked a lot is “how do I grow my blog?” That’s like the million-dollar question, right?

There are sooo many pieces to that puzzle. You’ve got to have a user-friendly website, have a strong, loyal community and have great quality content.

But instead of serving up all the pieces in one course and overwhelming you with all the information, I decided to break it up one piece at a time and create short, to the point courses so that you can apply what you learn right away!

About The Course

This blogging course will introduce you to the 6-step formula for creating quality content. You’ll learn things like how to discover your target audience, how to research topics, find your blogging voice and put it all together in a well-formatted blog post so that it pleases your readers and search engines.

And you can’t have a course without a special offer and bonus! I’ve got a special free offer and bonus material that includes resources mentioned in the course. And there you’ll get templates you can download for free.

If you’re ready to learn how to create quality content for your audience, click the button below to enroll in my course and I’ll see you in class!

Learn the 6-step formula for creating quality content and how to put it all together in a well-formatted blog post. #bloggingcourse #newbloggers #onlinecourse

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I have over five years of experience as a virtual assistant, and I’ve worked with Wise Ink Authors since 2017. I understand the challenges and demands of being an author, so I’m here to help you manage your time and meet your deadlines.

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  1. Dana says:

    Great news, Cori!
    I loved your course and I know others will as well. Packed with useful informaion for the total newbie without being too overwhelming (which is so easy to deal with when you’re first starting).
    Best of luck with your new venture. I know this will help a ton of new bloggers 🙂

  2. Hi Cori!
    First time visiting you! I wasn’t aware you had a blog , so happy to find you! Congrats on creating your course! I know how much work it takes to plan and create! I wish you much success with it. My best to you 🙂

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