New Blogging Business Bundle

Are you ready to start your own blogging business? I’m sure you’ve got all kinds of feelings going on. A little nervousness, a little fear and a heck of a lot of excitement!

If you’ve been doing your research about starting a blogging business you will have seen that there are tons of articles to start a blog but the problem with that is, which blog do you start with? And if multiple bloggers are blogging about the same thing, who do you trust?

Those are the same scenarios that played in my head when I started my own blogging business. You see, I had no experience whatsoever. My background was in sales, customer service and marketing. 

I didn’t know how to set up a blog, didn’t know what WordPress was and I didn’t know how to write…I felt like crap and didn’t think this “blogging thing” would work out for me but I wasn’t about to give up. There was no going back to Corporate America so it was either sink or swim.

And that feeling right there, that’s my motivation to help new bloggers like you with your own blogging journey.

I created a free New Bloggers Bundle to provide new bloggers with the right starter tools and resources.

Why is it free? Because I also remember what is was like NEEDING help but couldn’t afford it (read more about me here).

New Blogging Business Bundle 

The new bloggers bundle is packed with helpful resources to help you launch your blogging journey and every week, you’ll receive a PDF docs in your inbox. Whether you’re just getting started or going full throttle with your blog to make an official business, the resources and tools in this bundle is just what you need.

What’s you’ll get:

How To Start A Blog

This guide will walk you through the entire blog set up. I’ll walk you through the domain registration, installing and setting up a theme, WordPress settings, recommend plugins, how to create pages and blog posts and how to set up a domain email address. Plus a special offer for you!

DIY Blog Review

After you get your blog set up, you will want to have your blog reviewed to make sure all the settings are configured before you make your debut.

The DIY Blog Review template will walk you through your WordPress settings, theme settings, SEO, your content and more!

Blogging Terms PDF

There is so much to learn as a new blogger so I put this PDF together that has over 50 blogging terms every new blogger should become familiar with.

Blogging Tools PDF

This PDF includes a list of the most popular blogging tools such as email marketing platforms, social sharing apps, commenting systems, photo editors, and royalty-free images.

How To Survive Your First Year As A Blogger

This eBook is on sale on Amazon for Kindle but you’re going to get it for FREE! This eBook will show you what to focus on to survive your first year as a blogger. You’ll learn the rules of blogging, how to create a blogging plan, build a community, make money as a blogger and more!

Bonus – Join Our Facebook Group:

If you’d like extra support, join our New Blogger Support Facebook group. You’ll find blogging tips, resources and get to connect with other bloggers to share your journey and exchange creative ideas!


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