Infographic: How to Fix a Toxic Work Environment

There are good workplaces and bad workplaces. A good workplace is one that has plenty of positive reinforcement, the employees are pleasant, and the overall atmosphere of the office seems to be warm and inviting.

A bad workplace is one that is, well, the opposite. These places have an air of hostility. Employees are stressed and do not seem to be happy.

While you might think that it doesn’t matter what the atmosphere of the office is like, so long as the work is getting done, this is not the case.

Negative behavior in the workplace can have ripple effects that cause huge long-term problems. The obvious consequence is that it leads to low job satisfaction, which, of course, leads to poor productivity.

Motivated and happy employees produce more — and better — work than those who do not like their job or their work environment. It can also harm the company financially, too, since there will be such a high turnover of staff. It’s much cheaper to keep a happy team, rather than having to replace unhappy members of the team all the time.

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An Infographic About The Affects Of A Toxic Work Environment

While there are many different forms that negativity in the workplace can take, the responding action should always be the same: putting an end to it. If you can identify the cause of the negativity and take the steps needed to move beyond it, then you’ll be able to get your workplace back on track. 

But how do you deal with it? Check out the infographic from the University of Southern California below for tips to recognize negative behavior, how it affects your team and how to address it.

Infographic Design By University of Southern California University of Southern California

Wrapping Up

Great info, right? I hope you found this infographic helpful in recognizing negative behavior in your work environment.

Here’s to a happy work place!

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