Image License and Terms

A PoshStock membership comes with a non-exclusive license for limited use. The following are the terms and conditions for all members.

Image License and Terms

Purchaser can:

  • Use images both online and print for business and personal use.
  • Use images for multiple websites and/or businesses – member must own the website or business.
  • Download images for creatives such as pdfs, eBooks, workbooks, etc.
  • Edit the image size such as cropping and resizing as well as change orientation
  • Overlay images
  • Add filters and other overlays for branding purposes.

Purchaser may NOT:

  • Sell, loan or give the images to any person or other third-party.
  • Provide images to clients/customers.
  • Use for creatives for clients/customers.
  • Create products such as screensavers, quote graphics and other printables for their business or for clients/customers.
  • Use images for social media posts, blog posts, printables, eBooks and other creatives/products for clients/customers.
  • Claim images as their own.
  • Use images to sell or give away stock photography products.
  • Images may not be used to promote any offensive, illegal or sexually explicit material/products/services.

Legal Disclosure:

Cori Ramos is the sole and exclusive owner and holder of the copyright image. Members agree Cori Ramos shall not be liable for any damages and shall not be liable for any claims related to the use of the images. Cori Ramos does not make any representation or does not claim to have received releases from any brands or manufacturers for use of any products in the images.

Updated July 24, 2018

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