How To Grow An Engaging Audience In 3 Simple Steps

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I’m sure you know that growing an engaging audience is essential for successful blogging. However, as you also well know, it can be daunting to figure out where to start or how to improve existing your efforts.

The good news is that none of this needs to be complicated.

In fact, it’s incredibly simple once you remove that pesky inner voice telling you that this is going to be a long and challenging task. It just comes down to following a few steps and being consistent with them.

So what are these steps? I’ll break them down here.

The 3 simple steps to growing an engaging audience are:

  1. Be authentic
  2. Know your niche
  3. Make meaningful connections

1 – Be Authentic

Whether you’re crafting your own content or getting some help using a writing tool, as long as YOUR voice, YOUR message, and YOUR level of care are what comes through, that’s what matters most.

If you’re truly passionate about helping others solve problems, let that inspire your content. It isn’t so much about wording or writing style as it is your intent to be of service to others. People recognize authenticity. When they feel as though you care about them it develops trust – and trust promotes engagement.

So just be authentic and see how others respond, even if it takes some time until they get to know you.

2 – Know Your Audience

You may have wondered why this wasn’t first on the list. While knowing your audience is certainly important, the question is, what makes YOU stand out from the rest? Your authenticity does.

But behind that, knowing who you’re speaking to surely means a lot. Who are you trying to help? Have you stepped in your audience’s shoes to understand what they’re struggling with?

If you want to be of service, it helps to have compassion.

To be relatable.

If you understand the problem, especially from first-hand experience, then it’s much easier to back up the solution, you’re selling from that same first-hand experience.

So know your audience by relating to those who need your solution to their problem.

As your audience recognizes themselves in you, they’re much more likely to engage with you because they’ll relate to you rather than see you as some nameless, faceless company talking at them rather than to them.

3 – Make Meaningful Connections

While the blogger I’m about to refer to shut down her blog years ago, I’ll never forget the massive impact she had on the blogging community.

The reason was that she was so passionate about engaging with others that she helped to inspire a blogging community that, to this day, still thrives thanks to the relationships so many of us have built with one another.

As a result, many of us write for each other’s blogs, comment on each other’s posts, and share each other’s content.

And we do this because we know and trust each other. This goes back to being authentic.

So if you’ve been struggling with growing an engaging audience – be authentic, know your audience, and make meaningful connections. Try this out and give it time!

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  1. Cori all are excellent tips, especially the step for building meaningful connections. Doing that builds organic engagement quite nicely. Being generous and genuine is the foundation for achieving this end.


    • Corina Ramos says:

      Hi Ryan,

      I learned these lessons when I first started blogging. You, Adrienne, Donna and Lisa were great examples!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog post!

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