How To Balance Writing With A Full-Time Job

Writing a book is one of the hardest things you can do. It takes immense dedication, research, and planning. Many people attempt the task but give up when they realize how difficult it is. Those who manage to finish a book should be applauded for their commitment and hard work.

But it is especially difficult when you have a full-time job to deal with at the same time. Working nine-to-five in any profession leaves little time for writing, especially when you add in the time spent traveling to and from the office, doing household chores, spending time with friends and family, and sleeping. It seems there’s barely enough time to get the words onto paper, let alone have a social life at the same time. How did all these successful authors manage to get their debut novel on paper while still paying the rent?

But whether you’re writing a novel, a biography, or a scientific paper, it is possible to find the time. You just have to be clever about managing your priorities and organizing your schedule. 

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Prioritize Writing

As we’ve established, writing is difficult. And it can be tempting to put off the difficult tasks to later. If you find yourself procrastinating with tasks like doing laundry, tidying your desk, checking social media, or watching TV, just remember how limited your writing time is.

Writing should be the very first activity you turn to in your downtime. Of course, you still need to feed your kids and wash yourself now and then, but recognizing procrastination and crushing it before it takes over is a valuable skill.

Create The Perfect Writing Space

When you do have time to sit down and write at home, the environment in which you work is crucial to your productivity. You want it to be comfortable and free of distractions to optimize your output. An ergonomic office chair allows you to work comfortably for longer, and it’s worth investing in some quality writing materials.

If you use a pen and paper, get some proper writing stationery. And if you use a laptop, make sure it’s working properly, not full of bugs, and backed up, so you don’t lose all your hard work. It might be worth calling an IT support services company to ensure your computer works as it should.

Fill Gaps In Your Schedule

Even on a workday, everyone has spaces of free time dotted throughout the day. Rather thanks viewing these as dead time, you can use them to your advantage. If you commute via public transport, you can use that time to write notes on the next chapter or read some inspirational material.

Make the most of your lunch break or gaps between meetings to research tricky topics online. Finally, got your kids to sleep? Enjoy the quiet time to get some serious writing done.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Always keep in mind the reason you want to complete your book. Is it for fame and money? For academic prestige? To leave a lasting legacy for generations to come? Or for the sense of self-satisfaction that comes with writing a book?

Whatever your motivation, remind yourself of it whenever you’re struggling, and you’ll be able to push through the pain.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you find these tips helpful! What are some of the things you do to balance writing and a full-time job? Share it in the comments below!

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