How To Add Your Book or eBook To Google Play Books

If you’ve written a book or eBook, I’m sure your book marketing plan includes selling it on Amazon.

Another place you can sell your book is on Google Play Books.

The Google Play Books is a place where authors and writers can submit their book or eBook so that readers can purchase or preview these books on Google Books.

I’ve put this tutorial together to show you how to add your book or eBook to Google Play Books. For this tutorial, I’ll be uploading an eBook I wrote but the steps to upload your book is the same.

You can also scroll down to watch the video tutorial.

Here we go!

The first thing to do is sign in to your Google Account if you’re not already. Then go to Google Play Books Partner Center and click on Get Started.

Now you have to set up your publisher account.

Select Publisher or Self-Published Author. Then fill in the Publisher Name, Country then enter your website URL and your telephone number. Click next to continue.

On the next page, tick any box and click I AGREE to accept the terms of service.

Next, create a payment profile, link your bank account and add your tax information.

Now it’s time to add your book! Click on Add Your First Book.

Under Sell Option, select Sell eBook on Google Play. Underneath that select the appropriate Book ID.

google play books

Adding Your Book To Google Play Books

And now here comes the fun part!

Click on save and continue to add your book details. In the Book Info section, fill in the title, description, book ID,Publisher name, publication date and page count.

google play books

Click save and continue, then on the next page add a location and genre. Save the changes and continue on to the Contributors section to add your name and bio.

google play books

The next section is Settings section. This is where you’ll determine how your book is going to appear on Google Play and Google Books.

If the default settings work for you, click save and continue to move on to the next settings.

The next section is Content and Cover. This is where you will upload your book and its cover. You can also add emails of people who you want to review your book. When you add their email address, they’ll get access to the book for free-publication reviews.

When you’re done, click on save and continue to move on to the Book Pricing section. Be sure to click show additional settings to set taxes and an effective date – if you want.

Click on save and continue. Review your settings one last time before you click publish.

And That’s It!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. I’ll be posting a video tutorial for this later this week.

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