How To Create Videos From Your Blog Posts

We all know the power of videos. It’s the type of content most internet users prefer so says Oberlo in their article that shares 10 video marketing statistics.

And the demand for video is increasing. In the same article by Oberlo, it says 54% of consumers want to see more video from their favorite brands. That’s cool if you’re comfortable in front of the camera. Not so cool if you’re not.

For those of us (and I say ‘us’ because I’m in the same boat) who are too nervous to get in front of the camera, we’ve got to do something to get in the game or we’re going to get left behind!

My Problem Doing Videos

Well, I actually haven’t figured it out yet. When I tell my hubs about it, he jokingly tells me I probably need to see a therapist. But honestly, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea if it means I’ll get to the bottom of my fear, lol.

This is what happens when I try to a video. I immediately start to get nervous. We’re talkin’ clammy hands here. Then the stuttering starts and that’s where I give up. But not before trying like 3 times – then I say eff it, I can’t.

My friend Dana told me “Cori, you don’t need to get in front of the camera.” That made me feel a whole lot better. Since then I managed to do some video tutorials and I can say it’s helped ease up the nervousness.

That’s my story. Now let’s dive in to creating videos from your blog posts.

Create Videos From Your Blog Posts

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, there is power in video and consumers want more. And it’s not just entertainment videos. Other types of video content that’s in demand are presentations, tutorials, product reviews and testimonials.

If you have written blog post tutorials, let me show you how you can convert that into a video.

The tool you’ll need is called Lumen5*. This is the easiest video maker that creates videos from your existing content. This first time I tried Lumen5 was in my blog post about email marketing tips.

Then I create this video tutorial from another blog post.

Here’s How Lumen5 Works

After you create an account, log in to the dashboard. Click on ‘Create Video’ on the top right of the page. I’m going to use a blog post from my other website Not Now Mom’s Busy as an example.

On the next page, copy and paste the blog post URL in the ‘Use Your Blog’ box then click ‘Go’.


Next, select a video format.


Then choose a theme.

And now watch the magic happen!

The content of your post will appear on the left and the video will appear on the right that includes content from your post as well as images.


Now all you have to do is edit the images and content to make it all fit. Take the screenshot above. As you can see, the image and the title of the video are overlapping. Click on ‘Layouts’ next to the video. You’ll see other options for formatting the pic.

Click on the layout you want and it will pop into the video. To leave the layout section click the ‘X’ above the layout options.

Editing Video Captions

You can also editing the video captions. For example, in the screenshot below, the first caption is the affiliate disclosure.

To replace the content, click on the slide you want to edit. Then hover over the paragraph on the left you want to enter. You’ll see a plus sign on the right. Click that and it will add the content in the video slide with a new image.

Or you can click the + sign below the slide to add a new one. If you want to keep the image but change the text, copy and paste from the story on the left.

Click on the slide you want to delete then click the trash can on the left of the slide to remove it from the video.

To switch out the background image, click on the slide you want to edit. Select ‘Media’ on the left. When you find an image, click on it and it will replace the background image in that slide.

From the video slider, use the controls on the left to move the slides, copy or delete. The controls on the right lets you change the layout, adjust the speed and edit the image.


Add More Content To Your Videos

If Lumen5 didn’t capture everything you want to include in the video, scroll down to the end of the video slides and click the plus sign to add your own content. Or click one of the paragraphs from the blog post to add it. You can click the text box in the slide to edit the caption.


Now click on the Media tab on the left to select background music. Choose from their tracks or if you have a premium plan you can upload your own.


The ‘Style’ tab is where you will pick a theme if you didn’t choose one in the beginning. Same goes for the ‘Format’ tab.

Click on the Outro slide to upload your logo and edit the caption.


Hit the ‘preview’ button at the top to see how it looks and when it’s ready, click ‘publish’ and you’re done! You’ll receive an email from Lumen5 to let you know when it’s ready to be shared.

Choose The Right Plan For You

Now that you know how it works, I’m sure you want to start creating your own videos.

If you’re just getting started with video, Lumen5* offers a free community plan that allows you to create 5 free videos a month. If videos are part of your marketing strategy, there’s the Starter plan that gives you 10 videos per month, no Lumen5 branding and 24/7 live chat support.

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Wrapping It Up

If you’re too nervous to get in front of the camera, this tool is what you need to add videos to your marketing strategy!

And here is a video of this blog post. Hope you like it!

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