An Online Blogging Course For New Bloggers

When I help a new blogger with a new website set up, I include a mini coaching session about the basics of blogging tips so they at least have a starting point and not have to dive in without a clue, like I did.

The one question that comes up a lot is “how do I write quality content?”

I’ve taken a couple blogging courses back in the day. I remember feeling bogged down with all the information I was getting. There is so much to learn about blogging that taking it all in at once was overwhelming.

So, I decided to create a mini course to focus on the one important thing about blogging and that’s creating quality content.

What’s In The Blogging Course

I am beyond excited to introduce to you my online blogging course for new bloggers! This course is focused on creating quality content – nothing more.

Why only focus on content?

Well, not all new bloggers have a big budget to invest in their blog. So I thought I would create an affordable course focused on one topic. And creating content was the best choice to go with.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this online course:

  • How to discover your target audience
  • The 6-step process for quality content
  • How to format a professional looking blog post

You’ll also get a list of resources and templates and a couple of special offers!

If you’re wondering how much this course will cost, I can tell you this much, you can definitely afford it!

Why This Course?

My goal is to create a quality course that all bloggers, no matter how big or small the budget is – can afford it. Why? Because when I started blogging I was broke with a capital B! And I always had to pass on courses I wanted to take because I didn’t have to funds to pay for. I mean, $497 is a lot of money when you have none, lol!

Join The Wait List

If you’re struggling to create quality content that drives readers to your blog, join the waiting list and be the first to know when the course is launched. Plus, you’ll get a VIP invitation for special access to the course in your inbox! See you in class! 🙂

This online blogging course was created for new bloggers to learn what goes into creating quality content. Join the waiting list and be the first to know what it's launched plus look out for a VIP invitation in your inbox! #newbloggers #blogging #onlinecourse #bloggingcourse

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